about us

Heth Hardware was founded by Robert Sr. and Donna Heth in 1960, originally located in the Swanson Building (where the State Bank building now sits in downtown La Crescent). When Rob Sr. started out he was keeping track of sales in cigar boxes and the employees consisted of about six family members. The Heth’s moved into their present location in 1962 and in 1965 they expanded to add a rental space.

In 1984 their son Robert Jr. and his wife Jennifer bought the store and it was totally remodeled in 1986. To meet the needs of a growing La Crescent community, they expanded the store in 1996 and again in 2008. Since Heth’s Hardware Hank was opened, the store’s changed in many ways. Now, more than fifty years later, all sales and inventory go through a computer, a rental center has been added, and they employ almost twenty people. Thank you for the continued support!

Our Team